Book Review – “The Everything Guide to Foraging”

The Everything Guide to Foraging by Vickie Shufer has the stated goal of keeping the skill of foraging alive and the book provides a wealth of knowledge on the subject. This book covers everything from caring for the natural surroundings that you forage in to seasonal availability and recipes for use with foraged food. This book is great for the experienced forager but I would be hesitant to recommend this book to a beginner or novice.

The layout is very much like a text book and it makes finding information quick, logical and intuitive. The descriptions contained within are highly detailed and while helpful with respect to learning what to look for, I think that more pictures would have been appropriate. Approximately 1/3rd of the book is dedicated to recipes and many of those pages have a large amount of white space. While recipes are important, I feel that additional pages could have been used for photos of different plants and special attention could have been paid to showing poisonous plants and their similar but non poisonous look alikes. I also would have like to see more of the book dedicated to medicinal uses of plants.

The Everything Guide to Foraging certainly provides a little bit of everything on the subject of foraging, sometimes at a cost of detail on particular topics but the goal of keeping the foraging skill alive is certainly attained. The information was provided in easy to understand language and many helpful tips and advice make this book a valuable read. This book on its own is enough to encourage people to forage more often and be more observant regarding the plants in their surroundings.


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