Day 30 #100DaysofFitness

In the last 10 days I have worked out both in the home gym and in the real world. I have hiked some hills, dug for a septic tank, moved new gym equipment from someone’s basement to my own (maybe 700 lbs), and several other physical fitness related activities. I haven’t taken the time to post about them all but believe me it’s been exhausting. The below post is one I just shared to the Facebook page. Be sure to like


Had a big week, lots of activity and little time to post about it. I hope to have a blog update out shortly. For now keep your eyes and ears open to the current events stacking up.


More and more often I see things in the news that make me thankful that I prep. One of my most recent changes was to move my personal fitness and health higher up the priority list. All the canned goods and ammo in the world won’t do me much good in the event of congestive heart failure or even just a mild case of the flu if doctors suddenly become hard to get a hold of.


By investing time in my fitness level now I will be better able to carry those bug out bags, build those shelters, hike those miles that can carry me to safety as well as being better able to assist others. Prepping is a community activity and the better prepared we as a community are the better our chances and those around us.


I’m currently working on developing a workout routine that takes into account the different challenges that could be faced if the SHTF. I’m looking forward to working out the kinks and making it as effective as possible before I share the plan contents. Some martial arts, some strength, some cardio, all pepper mentality.


Suggestions for exercises are welcome. If you have a suggestion comment it or message it to me with what it should be called, how it is performed and how it relates to prepping/survivalism.


Thanks and as always, stay prepared!

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