Day 12 #100DaysofFitness

Refreshed, ready, resilient.

Day 12 and I feel good about the run. I woke up ready to take on the day and ready for the challenges ahead. I drank some beet juice with B12 and did some stretching before jumping on the treadmill. I didn’t do a separate warm up so the 30 minutes is the full warm up and cool down but only made it 3.18 miles. During that time I did run at a pretty steady 7.5 miles per hour for a good portion of the time so that was pretty good. I got up to 10 MPH for almost a quarter mile, which I think is a good goal for this week, to be able to sustain 10 mph for .25 miles or more. I may start using the interval training on the treadmill to see if that is helpful.

Refreshed, Ready, Resilient is more than a tag line for this blog post, its a sort of mantra. To be refreshed you have to make sure that you are able to plan for rest and recovery time. To be ready you should be refreshed and prepared. Ready is a state of mind as well as having the right tools, you can have all of the tools in the world but they won’t do you any good if you are not ready. Ready to use them, ready to learn about them, ready to practice with them. Resilience is defined as the ability to withstand harsh conditions and it partially goes back to the state of mind. Resilience can be improved over time. By getting your physical form into better shape will make it more resilient. It is the combination of the mind and body being prepared and ready that makes one resilient. Just as resilience can increase it can also decrease over time. The ravages of age as well as poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of variety and reduced mental stimulation are some of the factors that can decrease your resilience.

As you may be able to tell by the photos my treadmill has an incline feature. If I get up to 4 miles in 30 minutes consistently I will increase the incline and every time I get my distance back to 4 miles in 30 minutes I will increase the incline by another notch.

To be able to run 4 miles in 30 minutes would mean that i would be running an average of 8 mph, I think that is a reasonable stretch goal and one that is within reach. If I ran at 8 mph per hour on average I should be able to run 3 miles in 22 minutes and 30 seconds. This is pretty close to my run time when I was actually I the service.


Day 11 #100DaysofFitness

Quick update, I ran outside, in the cold, not on a treadmill today. I do not know how much running I did or how far I went, I was running around filming some scenes in the woods. If you can believe those step counters that are baked into the phone it says I went 3.33 miles today. I am going to record today as 3.0 miles flat and hit the treadmill hard tomorrow morning.

Day 10 #100DaysofFitness

So many tens it may make one tense.

First let me say that it is late so I will keep it brief. It is currently past 10 pm and I am just now getting a chance to write this post. It is my 10th day of running for fitness. That means I am 1/10th of the way to 100 and I only have 9 more 10 block days until I have completed my first set of 100 days. I may attempt another 100 days but I am not sure yet.

I am a little concerned that I may not be able to spend as much time writing these great blog posts due to other activities, namely college homework. what is likely to happen is that some of the material that I research for the papers, so many paper, that I have to write will sneak its way into these upcoming posts.

Two big events took place today that are worth noting. First I refilled my Beet Juice and am hopefully going to see a reduction in muscle pain and an increase in performance as a result. Second, I think that my Bluez 2 headset may have died. It went all wonky and buzzed and turned it self off an then back on but without any functionality. It could just be too much sweat, I’m not sure but I’m going to see if they work tomorrow, if not I will be looking for a new headset I can wear while running. I am now a little spoiled by having had these bone conducting headphones. It is my hope that they will be fine tomorrow.

I also attempted to rig up a system that would place my phone more directly in front of me, it worked but made me realize that I need to go ahead and mount an actual screen in front of my treadmill so I can watch TED talks, or survival videos or whatever while I jog.

the inside of my ankles both hurt. I am sure that it is due to poor running form. I am glad that I run typically in the mornings because tonight run was awful. I felt bad while running, somewhat shaky and unsteady. It could have been the beet juice drink that i had before running, it had B12 in it, I have never had a bad reaction to B12 before so we will see tomorrow morning/midday when I get a chance to run.


Tonight’s run was (as always) 30 minutes long. I did a brief warm up that I did not include in the 30 minutes this time. In the 30 minutes I counted tonight I went 3.18 miles. Time permitting I am going to try and conduct a warm up of about 2 minutes that I don’t count in my 30 minute routine. I am also thinking about running for 10 more days then adding a strength training component to my workout every other day. Something like Run, Upper Body, Run Lower Body, Run, Core, Run Upperbody, Run…. And so on.